What is VulkanRT? Is VulkanRT A Malware or Virus

Have you ever come across a folder called VulkanRT under the program file (x86) directory in the “C:” drive? You might think, where and how did it get installed? Don’t worry; in this article, you’ll get to know what is VulkanRT and why you need this? Is it safe or not? How did it get installed, and should you remove this or not?

For the folks who are in a hurry, here is a quick and short answer.
No, VulkanRT is not a malicious program at all. Rather it is quite necessary for 3D applications.

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What is VulkanRT?

VulkanRT, also known as Vulkan Runtime Libraries, is a cross-platform low-level API (Application Programming Interface) that sits between your games or any 3D software and graphics card.

VulkanRT was developed by Khronos Group back in 2014. Aims to give us applications better and direct control over your CPU and GPU usage. Vulkan Runtime Libraries is an upgrade over OpenGL. However, it doesn’t replace OpenGL because its less complex architecture is better suited for certain applications.

Why do you need Vulkan Runtime Libraries?

VulkanRT provided a balanced usage of CPU and GPU for stability and better performance. VulkanRT can also distribute the workload across multiple cores; thus, the overall load on the CPU gets reduced, preventing it from getting overheated.

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VulkanRT is cross-platform, meaning it can run on any operating system, whether Windows, Linux, Android, or even Mac and iOS. Games and game engines like Unity, CryEngine, DOTA 2, Red Dead Redemption 2, etc., use VulkanRT for better performance. That’s why some games install VulkanRT in the system alongside the game.

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How does VulkanRT get installed on my PC?

Vulkan Runtime Libraries already come with your AMD or Nvidia graphics driver. If you install a new driver or upgrade the driver, in both cases, you’ll get the VulkanRT.

However, as I said, some games also installed the latest version of VulkanRT on your PC, just in case you don’t have and it is required for the games to play.

It is also possible to manually install VulkanRT in your system. Head over to https://vulkan.lunarg.com/sdk/home and install for your OS.

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Should You Remove or Uninstall Vulkan Runtime Libraries?

Earlier, as I mentioned, VulkanRT is required for some 3D application games to run properly. It enhanced the overall performance of games. It doesn’t do any harmful activity in your system.

However, if you want to remove this for some reason, here is how you can do this.

Open App & Program from settings. Search VulkanRT in the search bar or scroll down to the end until you see it. Click on the program and hit uninstall. You have successfully uninstalled VulkanRT.

Final Word

Hope you got all the answers you had on your head about VulkanRT. Once again, this is not a virus and malware. Rather it enhanced your performance while gaming. I won’t recommend you remove this because it is needed for games to play properly.

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