what is cloud gaming? Advantage and disadvantage of using cloud gaming

what is cloud gaming? Advantage and disadvantage of using cloud gaming

I am pretty sure all you guys must be heard the term cloud gaming. But what is it? in simple language, this is a way or technique to play games remotely through another computer or a server. For proper understanding, we need to know what is cloud computing and how it works.

What is cloud computing?

You know whenever we use the computer we used some resources such as hard disk, network, etc. What happens in cloud computing is that one computer can access resources data from another computer or server, the computer can use the other computer resources from data centers. Share resources such as network, storage, processing power, etc. The data centers or servers spread all over the world. In a normal computer, there is a storage device(hard disk) for storing data but if you need more storage you can either buy a hard disk or use the cloud computing service. Cloud computing simple language you can say, a service, or a way to share your computer resources, data, storage, over the internet.

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Now the same method or concept used in cloud gaming.

cloud gaming and cloud computing

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What is cloud gaming?

You have a low-end pc but still, want to play a high-end game with good graphics in that case cloud gaming can help you. you can use all the resources such as graphics processing, rendering, network remotely on your computer from the servers online. you no need to build a highly-cost gaming setup or purchase a console with powerful processing and graphics power. Just with your normal computer, you can feel the same gaming experience as a high-end gaming setup. You just use your keyboard and mouse, all the processing and rendering work are done on the server, through the internet you used the resources such as processing power, graphics rendering power, etc.

In cloud gaming, though you do not need any high-end PC, you must need a very good internet connection. Because the resources share online and all the gaming data such as rendering the texture, graphics, shadow, game physics, game mechanics are heavily processing tasks. So you need a good connection. Else it could be a big problem. A Low-speed internet connection can lag your game.

Advantages of cloud gaming:

➤ Don’t need to buy a high-budget gaming machine. You would not need to upgrade your PC or console
➤you can play on a Windows PC, Mac, Linux according to your choice. No matter what type of computer you have. Cloud gaming makes the game platform-independent.
➤No maintenance required. In cloud gaming, you don’t need to maintaining anything. 
➤Some games require a download of 20GB 30GB or even more. With cloud gaming, you can play instantly without download anything.

Disadvantages of cloud gaming:

➤Gamers need a good internet connection without any issue.
➤A high internet connection is not available in some areas. with affordable price, that might be a problem
➤Gamer can’t play if the connectivity fails for some reason.
➤Cloud gaming requires lots of bandwidth. Playing a game for 1hr may use more than 25GB of bandwidth.
➤There are no many companies provided cloud gaming service, but there are few options like Gaikai, Onlive, etc
➤Cloud gaming service charge applicable to playing games.

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