Top 10 Best Simulation Games on PC, Xbox One & PS4 in 2019

Best Simulation Games

Sometimes you don’t want games to make things easy for you. You don’t want the driving experience still down to the single press of a button. Or, just don’t want to hold space to fly. You want to bewilder an array of dials and buttons and the tactile rewarding feeling of actually having done something. That’s where this list comes in. We’ve rounded up 10 of the best simulation games on PC, whether your passion is aviation, haulage or simply imperfectly tilled earth.

Turn on the ignition, release the handbrake and press whatever that button is. These are the top 10 best simulation games on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation in 2019.

Top 10 best simulation games list

1. Farming Simulator 2019

Best Simulation Games

Some of us play games to wield godlike powers. Others to experience universes beyond mortal comprehension. For some, some play games to plant and harvest a variety of nourishing root vegetables. It’s not a criticism if you have a fascination for all things agricultural. There’s enough in farming simulator 19 to keep you engaged for years. Sheep, pigs, cows, gently descending machinery. It’s as deep as the crops you plant and as relaxing as the gently wafting fields of corn you’ll be glad to call your own.

2. Euro Truck Simulator 2

Best Simulation Games

Driving IRL is stressful the honking the tailgating the hard choices about what flavor of magic tree you’ll hang in your rear-view mirror. It’s strange then that you’re a truck simulator is so relaxing. Despite the added stress of your well-being and livelihood depending on how quickly you deliver those oranges. But cruising the highways of Europe while listening to local radio stations is one of the weird brilliant things. It’s impossible to explain to people who don’t play games. Yes, we know it technically works, but no it isn’t boring. And while it’s less similar in other games, it’s a fantastic twist on what we expect from traditional driving games. More about thoughtfully plotting that reverse parallel park than rolling past the vehicles in front of you. It’s an odd therapeutic and some we made oddity who represents everything great about simulation games.

3. Assetto Corsa

Best Simulation Games

we’ve already rounded up the best driving games on PC and Assetto Corsa deservedly holds a spot on that list. But it’s also an excellent sim, pure exhilarating and thunderingly realistic. Few other games do such a fine job of recreating the thrill of driving really really fast. Games like project cars might offer more variety in longevity. But this is the game of choice for the racing aficionado. The sort of game, you guessed it that provides the excuse you didn’t need to buy a similarly excellent racing win. And if all that wasn’t enough it’s also deeply brilliantly customizable. Profiles can be amended with ease to provide the ideal racing experience for you and the active modern community makes this classic motor run like new. And let’s step away now while we’ve still got some racing analogies left to make.

4. X Plane 11

Best Simulation Games

The first of its kind and the only reason dad’s in the olden days would ever turn on the PC. And thanks to X plane 11 that’s every bit as relevant and beloved now as they were back then. It’s crafted from the digital essence of the former champion of the skies Microsoft Flight Simulator X. Offering a tight modernized fabulously detailed recreation of real-life piloting. And even though the end result is the sort of game that’s perfect for retired and aspiring pilots. It’s also a fine place to start if you can’t tell one end of an aircraft from the other. X plane 11 has a generous amount of tutorial content to ease you into the flight deck.

5. PC Building Simulator

Best Simulation Games

Of all the best simulator games on this list, this one is probably the weirdest. Because if you’re playing PC building simulator there’s a strong possibility you’ve already done the thing you’re doing in the game. Chunking together a high spec home computer in that life-or-death thanks very much Bitcoin version of high tension Lego that we all know and love. But if you haven’t built a pc this early access game is a great place to start. With a huge selection of real-life components and none of the danger of accidentally stepping on your motherboard. The career mode even means you can build a business cleaning virus from hard drives connecting wires stacking up a calendar of deliveries and switching out parts. And you won’t even need to wear an anti-static wristband to play it. But you probably should just for the sake of authenticity.

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6. Kerbal Space Program 2

Best Simulation Games

Kerbal might not look like it belongs alongside the more technical games on this list. Largely because of the ballooned gurning cartoon aliens the game is named after. But truthfully it’s a scientific and exacting as any other game in existence, perhaps even more so. The idea here is to build a space-worthy craft within which you launch your brave doomed Kerbal into the cosmos. But you will fail repeatedly and as you aged towards a successful launch you’ll learn about the value of creativity, intuition and most of all persistence.

7. Train Simulator 2019

Best Simulation Games

Some of us want to drive trains in games because we’re holding on to that childhood dream of being a driver. And some of us want to give it a go just so we can prove we do a far better job than the people who run our national rail service. A train simulator is the best way to realize either of those noble dreams. It gives you the option to travel some of the world’s best-known and historic railway routes as well as some of the less famous ones. It’s a pricey one if you start adding all the extras with over $5,000 worth of DLC on the Steam store. But if the engaged locomotive enthusiast there’s really nothing better.

8. Football Manager 2018

Top 10 Best Simulation Games on PC, Xbox One & PS4 in 2019

There are two schools of thought with the football manager. Firstly, that it’s the greatest sports management game ever made that can make you as invested in second-tier soccer as you will be facing Gwyn in the final moments of your first one bro run in Dark Souls. The other suggests it’s Satan shaped like a game a frustrating life devouring poison that’s responsible for the sudden death of far too many peripherals. And hey if you are looking for a replacement keyboard well you’ve come to the right place but whichever school you’re from it’s impossible to argue against the lore of football manager. A game that’s so easy to love and hate in equal measure the books actual real-life books have been written about it it’s not so much a simulation as it is a cult.

9. Silent Hunter 3

Top 10 Best Simulation Games on PC, Xbox One & PS4 in 2019

If you’re looking to scratch that hunt for the Red October each, Silent Hunter 3 is the sub-aqua place to come. It’s a tense realistic sim that gets the balance right between knuckle-whitening tension and humming tedium. The atmosphere is incredible as you patrol the sea probably wearing knitwear waiting for exhilarating flashpoints to bubble to the surface. And if you have lots of time on your hands. You can make things even more realistic by ditching time acceleration and presumably sleeping next to your PC. So you can wake up when something actually happens. Although there have been two more Silent Hunter games since the third one is still the one to go for. Thanks to the engaged modding community and absurdly low price.

10. IL-2: Sturmovik

Top 10 Best Simulation Games on PC, Xbox One & PS4 in 2019

We’ve already had one flight sim on this best simulation games list but il-2 Sturmovik offers a totally different experience. This is more of a shout out to the series rather than the original game. Because the numerous expansion packs that are followed make it one of the most complete and evocative flights Sims available. East-west Pacific and Mediterranean fronts are all in the game. And while the breadth of campaigns on offer will keep you busy is the handling and damage models that still feel most impressive. Sturmovik is an absolute must for anyone interested in the dogfights and bombing runs of WW2.

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That’s the end of our top 10 best simulation game list. We hope that you had enjoyed reading this. Please let us know what your favorite Sims are in the comments below and shake your fist to us.

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