15 The best free games for PC

The best free games for PC

Games can cost a lot but some absolutely don’t. Hi there, today I’m going to countdown 15 The best free games for PC you can play in 2019-2020 and beyond. Now a quick disclaimer just to make it abundantly clear, there are a ton of great free games that were released in previous years that you can get right now and you should.

We just wanted to focus on games from 2019. So without any further ado let’s dive into 15 The best free games for PC.

15 The best free games for PC

15. Quake 2 RTX

 The best free games for PC
The best free games for PC

Quake 2 RTX, I would say is probably the best possible advertisement for Nvidia’s ray-tracing technology. They got Lightspeed Studios to go ahead and remake Quake 2. Taking full advantage of Nvidia’s new ray-tracing technology. If you know what quake 2 is, it’s a classic FPS that’s just without a doubt one of the best ever. And it looks better than it ever has before. Obvious it still retains all of its old 3d models but as far its atmosphere is completely different. If you’ve never played Quake 2, I’m gonna go ahead and say like it’s a game you should play as far as that era of FPS is, it’s pretty much the best.


 The best free games for PC

Moving to the no.14, The Warframe Empyrean expansion, which is not necessarily just an expansion they’re saying. Well, this is more about connection. And in a way, you could almost call it the next version of Warframe, because what they’re attempting to do is connect everything that they’ve done in the previous release. New open-world, add new modes, so what they’ve done is added space. You can have a spaceship and you can traverse Warframe. It’s frankly very cool. You can recruit NPCs to be the crew of your ship, which is also very cool.

Now the reason I put this at number 14 is that I have no idea when it’s coming out. Supposedly it’s going to be next year and I haven’t been able to play it. So we didn’t feel right putting it really high on the list. This looks like an expansion that’s going to make Warframe into a much more unified experience. And maybe kind of act like a sequel would if they were going to release a sequel. It’s the big jump in Warframe and I’m pretty excited about it because Warframe has always been a pretty cool game.


 The best free games for PC

Let’s talk about UNDEFEATED. Now there was a lot of Twitter buzz about this, calling it a Superman simulator. And on the surface, I’d say that’s basically what it is. You’re an invincible superhero with basically unlimited powers and can do whatever. Rescuing people, stopping people who are doing harm, fighting supervillains, etc. It’s a game that’s not going to blow you awake graphically. It was made by three students and if you keep that in mind it’s actually fairly impressive graphically. But most importantly it’s fun as hell. There’s so much weirdness that you can accomplish. There’s stuff specifically to do but you don’t have to. Just doing whatever in this game is fun as hell. Undefeated is amazing.

12. Maelstrom

 The best free games for PC

Moving onto no 12, Maelstrom is a naval battle royale where you play as a ship. It is paced like an arcade game and it’s so fun. The thing that makes this fun as it doesn’t try to be a deep simulation. It knows exactly what it’s going for in that a battle royale game is basically meant to be jumped into and the action starts. That’s how this plays out it’s incredibly chaotic.

It might remind you a bit of Sid Meier’s Pirates but obviously it’s a battle royale. All of the regular trappings of battle royale, where you’re going up against a bunch of other ships and there’re also big monsters and that adds an element of unknown to the Gameplay. If the premise sounds fun to you I can’t imagine you not liking it. Maelstrom does exactly what I expect it to do in exactly the way I would hope it would do it.

11. Kurtzpel

 The best free games for PC

Moving on to no. 11, KurtzBelle is a game that takes a lot of ideas and puts it into one thing pretty well. It’s a third-person action battle game I would call it, maybe a very action-oriented MMO RPG take. That’s very clearly anime-inspired with a very good environmental visual style. Obviously the characters look like anime but the world itself is actually very pretty as well. It’s got a pretty extensive character creator that despite giving you lots of choices. Make stuff that looks like it belongs in the world, which is very cool in my opinion.

It’s got a nice quickly-paced battle system that doesn’t feel like a rip-off, I guess. It does have some in-game purchases but I wouldn’t call it to pay to win. I think you could probably easily not spend any money on this game. But that leads us to our next point, it is an early access game and it is obviously not a complete game because there are still bugs and problems with it that hopefully will be fixed by the final release. However, the game is extremely fun.

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Top 10 The best free games for PC

10. Dead or Alive 6: Core Fighters

 The best free games for PC

So, we reach our top 10 on the list of 15 The best free games for PC. No. 10 is Dead or Alive 6 core fighters. Now, this is the free-to-play version of Dead or Alive 6. It’s kind of a restricted less content-rich version of the game. Although it’s more than I would call a demo. You get access to four characters Bass, Kasumi, Hitomi, and a new character called Diego. And you pretty much get every mode except for the story mode is just the first chapter.

That is fine because quest mode is absolutely phenomenal. And if you’re interested in the online multiplayer aspects of the game, you can participate with this version of the game. There’re two ways you can buy more content for the game if indeed you’re interested in it. There’s A La carte but you’ll end up spending a lot more that way. If you want to play through the story mode and want to get all of the characters and all that, just by the full thing you’ll end up spending less.

9. Splitgate: Arena Warfare

15 The best free games for PC

Hey, do you want portal with weapons as an arena warfare game? Well, Splitgate: Arenawarfare is that game. Basically imagine halo + portal that’s this and it is in every way exactly as good as it sounds. Seriously it plays so much like Halo and so much like portal. There’s nothing to explain, you will get it immediately as you are playing it if you are familiar with both of these games. It’s also a game that has been marketed really badly and deserves tons of attention because it’s great. If there’s any game on this 15 The best free games for PC list, that deserves more attention than it’s gotten. It’s definitely this one and if you are a fan of portal and halo again play this. It’s everything you would want from both games being combined into one thing.


15 The best free games for PC

On no.8 It’s Warmode now war mode is not a particularly complex game. It is an old-school shooter which gives you a couple of modes. And doesn’t try to fleece you with pay to win stuff. I would prefer games that didn’t have any microtransactions but for a small dev like this releasing a free game. This is a model in how to do it without being intrusive and bad. It’s generally just cosmetics and every purchase in the game is a dollar. Now I just want to emphasize very much that this is an old-school shooter. It has every problem and every charm of a very old-school game. And I think that’s the main reason to play it.


15 The best free games for PC

Moving on to no. 7, it’s Minion Masters a quote fast-paced hybrid-of-deck builder MOBA and tower defense. I’m gonna just go ahead and say it’s kind of a faster-paced, more elaborate Clash Royale that brings a little bit more to the table as far as what you can do. To differentiate I would say it is a lot faster paced and much more oriented around. Larger numbers of characters on screen and I would say even necessitates some strategies that make me think a little bit more of RTS than MOBA. But it’s obviously still very much a MOBA.

6. Black Desert

15 The best free games for PC

Moving onto no. 6, Black Desert online which is as it describes itself a sandbox living world MMO RPG. It’s a game where an absolute ton is going on at any given moment. And for a game that has as much going on in it, including your fishing, your trading, economy, etc. It has some of the best combat in this type of game you would expect. It is very grindy but the battle system is rewarding and fun-to-play. So, I mean that in my opinion, trades itself pretty well. It’s a hard game that, frankly if you don’t want to lose you shouldn’t play because there are times that it’s not entirely fair but it’s actually a very large amount of fun.

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Top 5 The best free games for PC


15 The best free games for PC

At no. 5 is black squad, which if you’ve ever played CS-GO, imagine that with a little more influence from Call of Duty but not the more recent stuff. It’s not a game that’s gonna blow you away with new style mechanics. It’s in some ways, maybe a little bit bland as far as the graphics go. But really is actually fun to jump into and doesn’t make you do a lot of stuff in order to enjoy the game. It’s not a pay to win and obviously that’s a huge plus and any free competitive game. And I’m not gonna say that this is one of those games that like leans on old-school charm. It’s just simple.

4. Dota Underlords

15 The best free games for PC

Moving on to no.4 in our 15 The best free games for PC list. It’s Dota UnderLords, which is a spin-off of Dota that is more or less an auto chess game. And it nails it, it just does it right. It takes some of the aspects that you know and loves from Dota. It does actually bring a nice amount of challenge to the table. And you probably will lose for a while as you’re playing but you will have a hell of a lot of fun doing it. It’s really entirely about strategy and less about razor-sharp reflexes or anything like that. Keeping in mind this is basically Valve’s version of a game, somebody else developed. It’s not the most original thing but it’s the official one. And it’s got a lot of might behind it, it’s doing really well as far as I’m concerned.

3. Dauntless

15 The best free games for PC

We reach our top 3 in the 15 The best free games for PC list. On no.3 is Dauntless. Dauntless is a monster hunter free-to-play. That’s the best way to describe it. It actually pairs down a lot of things that make ita more constant gameplay loop, where you fight these huge monsters, gathers loot, craft, get back to fighting monsters. This game does a good job of differentiating from its different types of weapons. It gives you a nice progression for simply using them and constantly moving forward.

It’s also got great graphics, a very unique look to it. And if you like the gameplay in Monster Hunter and are looking for an experience where you can just kind of do that without any of the extra stuff this is what to play. I mean it’s incredibly fun, the microtransactions are cosmetic only and don’t punish you for not buying them. Basically, if you want to do Monster Hunter combat only and still retain good progression mechanics, this is it.

2. Apex Legends

15 The best free games for PC

coming in at no.2 Apex Legends is a game that I did not expect to be good. It just kind of came out of nowhere and seemed like oh another battle royale game. But as it turns out, it takes the best mechanics from the non-mech gameplay in Titanfall and gives you that in a battle royale. It also brings in a sort of squad element to it, if you so desire that I think it works better than a lot of battle royale squad stuff. That being said the real reason to play it. As I said is the non-mech Titanfall gameplay in a battle royale. I love the movement mechanics, I love sliding around and even if I do badly it feels very cool and that’s always satisfying. Give it a shot Apex Legends if you haven’t played it by now and you like battle Royales.

1. Destiny 2

15 The best free games for PC

Finally, the no.1 game in our 15 The best free games for PC list is Destiny 2. Yeah, there’s a free-to-play version of Destiny 2 now and that’s really cool. It’s called Destiny 2 new light and it’s Destiny 2. If you haven’t played Destiny 2 here’s how to do it. Go to steam and download it. It’s so much better than having to deal with Activision’s launcher. And honestly, it’s just easy to feel the weight of Activision off of the game. It’s Destiny 2 for free like what questions are there to ask? just play it.

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