Ray Tracing | What is Ray Tracing? Is Ray Tracing wroth it?

It’s been a while since Nvidia releases their RTX series card in the consumer market. RTX card features a new graphics rendering technology called Ray Tracing. But does it even bring any changes in the gaming industry?

Graphics is one of the most important things for games. To render those graphics, using a technique called Rasterization. The game code will direct your GPU to draw a 3D scene with polygons. These two-dimensional shapes usually triangles, make up most of the visual elements that you see. These shapes are processed by a shader, which effects colors, textures, and lighting.

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What is Ray Tracing?

Ray tracing is a rendering method to makes graphics more realistic and beautiful. Using this we can control and model the behavior of light, which makes the graphics more realistic. .But achieving those graphics requires high computing power.

Old pascal GPU had only Cuda cores. But the Turing GPU (Nvidia RTX) comes with Cuda core as well as two extra cores, called Tensor core and RT core. RT cores help to do Ray tracing. And Tensor core help to do deep learning. DLSS(Deep learning super sampling) is an Anti-aliasing method. Like other Anti-aliasing, DLSS does the same job but it’s more powerful than the others.

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Is it even worth?

No doubt, Ray tracing is an awesome rendering technology. But how much it worth in upcoming years. Did you need it to improve your gaming experience? Well, let’s find out.

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One thing I have to clarify that Ray tracing is not a new technology. It’s been used in movies for many years now. But for gaming things are a little bit different. For movie production they much time to render scenes. On the other hand in games, the graphics need to be rendered in real-time. The GPU’s are now quite powerful to render realistic and beautiful graphics in real-time. Nvidia tries to install dedicated hardware in their GPUs for ray tracing. Don’t know much about AMD’s GPU but in the upcoming PS5 and Xbox project Scarlett, are capable of ray tracing.

However, we’re talking about hardware, but there are a couple of games that support ray tracing. For example, Battlefield 5, Shadow of the tomb raider, Cyberpunk 2077, etc. However, complete ray tracing in games is not possible yet but shadows, reflection, mirror effects can be used to make graphics realistic. Still, the rasterization technique will be using for rendering objects.

But what about the future? This technology is still needed to be improving in the gaming industry. It’s the initial stage you could say. A lot of work needs to do. Rasterization is not going anywhere, it’s still here. But as this technology will grow more photorealistic and beautiful graphics you can see in games without compromising in FPS.

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