PUBG Mobile 0.14.0 update has been released | check out what’s new

PUBG Mobile 0.14.0 new update

pubg mobile update

PUBG Mobile 0.14.0 update has been released. In this article, you will get complete information on 0.14.0 update. There are so many bug fixes and new items are added. On 13 August, the servers are will be down due to maintenance brake. During maintenance, you may not able to play the game. And the 14 August you will get the in-game update.

There is a huge list of important update. Check out the updated list and features.

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New features on PUBG Mobile 0.14.0 update

New infection mode and map. Play as zombies.

  1. New character system – unlock more appearance and skill.
  2. Pirate main menu theme, and the million-dollars Global Treasure hunt
  3. Royal pass season 8 with poplar item restocked!

Important updates in PUBG Mobile

1. Infection mode

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Asymmetric PVP mode where players are divided into zombie and Defenders at the beginning of the match. Defenders have firearms, but zombies can only use melee attacks and abilities with cooldowns. Zombies can be revived after being killed, while defender turns into Zombies.

Players can customize zombie from controls and quick chat. Infection mode can be played in a custom room.

2. New characters system

Victor, the new character is now available. You can collect him form character under workshop. Victor skill can reduceSMG reload time. But his skill work in Evo ground. He has exclusives legendary outfits. You can upgrade his level by playing matches. There is a very special reward you will get each time when leveling up.

3. Pirate main menu theme and global treasure hunt.

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During playing matches you can find hidden treasure such as gold silver, and bronze. Which can be used to redeem rewards.

The global treasure hunt divided into 4 stages, each with its own map. There are 7 levels for each stage, and 2 missions for each level.

You can unlock the mission crate by completing 1 mission. Unlock the stage crate by completing 7 or more missions in a stage. complete all 56 matches to unlock the final rewards.

4. Background download on IOS

Now to can switch other apps while downloading updates on IOS.

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5. Android resources pack

Reduced the size of the Android installation package and added a new resources pack.

6. Daily mission system

Reduced the number of mission and upgrade the rewards. You can now switch to other random mission 3 times in a day. Daily mission and log in the mission are released randomly.

7. Level V and rewards added for some achievements

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Improvements and Bugfixes

Smoother experience and increase performance and compatibility for a low-end device. Improving firing fluency when multiple players enter in the final circle. Power consumption and heating reduce of some ios device.

Smoother experience when other players and Airdrop come into view. Classic mode runs more smoothly on a low-end device. Backpack now open faster. Improve airstrike on some low-end device.

Inventory UI is now more user-friendly. When new outfit equipped the old outfit unequipped and display the new one.

New background, new lighting effects, adjust the camera angle for more depth and texture. Modified sense, highlighted the display effect of firearms make them looks so realistic.

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Improve the ranking background to match the overall visual. You can now view your friend’s avatars on the main menu.

Added the middle east server in crew challenge for players in that region.

Fixed climbing related bug. Bug fixing where character models got stuck in buildings. Fixed where zombie got stuck in walls in survival mode.

Bug fixed where linked social account could not change avatars. Fixing bug where backpack models in the main menu were not displayed correctly. Fixed a bug where nicknames were misplaced on the clan page.

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