PS5 vs Xbox series X | The Best Next Generation Console

PS5 vs Xbox series X | The Best Next Generation Console

PS5 vs Xbox series X

Both PS5 and Xbox X are great consoles for 4K gaming at 60fps and you wonder which one you should buy for 4k gaming. Well, let’s talk about some similarities and differences between these consoles and compare them based on some points. We are going to talk about their design, specification, price, games, and much more. Let’s start the battle with Xbox series X vs PS5. Let’s start with the design of both console because that’s what you see when you look at the console

Console Design

The design of both console definitely didn’t disappoint either. The PlayStation 5, which has white spire or sort of curve design as I like to call it and on the other hand we’ve Xbox series X, which is just look like a black box.

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The PlayStation 5 looks more futuristic than the Xbox series X. The Xbox design looks more like a PC tower. The Xbox design does make sense as the consoles are not so far to start rivals against PC. It’s massive heat sink blow the hot air upwards to keep it cool and a console definitely shouldn’t running into a thermal issue.

Now the PS5 itself has a quite interesting design. It’s an amazing curvy white design actually covering a lot of the fans, which is really nice you won’t actually see where the fans are. But on the other hand, on Xbox, they are exposed on top and you kinda see them. Though, sometimes it looks cool to see the fan sniping.

In terms of placing the consoles, for PS5, you might need to think, how you want to place the console, whether lying down or straight up like a tower. Because generally when you buy a console you need to know how much room you’ve got. So, that something to consider. The other side for The Xbox is a little bit smaller but it’s bulkier.

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Controller Design

I am so impressed with the PS5’s DualSense controller. Not only does it look good but it looks like a big improvement over the DualShock 4. It has a much more rounded and ergonomic design and the light bar now sits on these sides of the touchpad instead of at the top of the controller. We’re not big fans of the touchpad but it makes sense to keep it if DualShock 4 controllers are supposed to be compatible with the PS5 as well.

In terms of new features, the controller will support haptic feedback and have adaptive triggers in the L2 and R2 buttons. Allow us to truly feel the tension of our actions. The share button has been replaced with the create button on the DualSense. That’ll also be used to take pictures and record video clips among other things. The controller even comes with a built-in microphone, a 3.5 mm headphone jack, and USB-C support

Even the Xbox Series X controller isn’t as flashy as the PS5’s DualSense. But it will definitely get the job done. It looks a lot like an improved version of the Xbox one’s elite controller, but with a share button. Something which PS4 had but the Xbox One didn’t, meaning it was a must-add.

PS5 vs Xbox series X
PS5 vs Xbox series X

What we love about the series X controller is it’s hybrid D-PAD that’s a mix of both a cardinal and circular D-PAD. It’s the best of both worlds so we can’t complain. Microsoft also made a point to mention that the series X controller has improved latency, which makes sense seeing as it’s supposed to be compatible with Project X cloud. It also does have USB C support. The big issue with the series X controller is that it still won’t have a built-in rechargeable battery.

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Exclusive Game Titles

The most obvious thing to consider when buying a game console is the game’s title exclusive for that console. So, we have so many exclusive games coming for both, the PlayStation 5 and Xbox series X.

Starting with the PS5 side we have a brand new Ratchet and Clank, a brand new Spider-man game supposedly, I’m not 100% sure if it’s gonna be a DLC or full-version. Next, we have Horizon 2 Forbidden West, it’s will be the squeal of the first game Horizon Zero Dawn.

Then, we also have a very classic game which a lot of people will enjoy, which is Sackboy adventure, this is obviously gonna be really cool a big adventure and it’s gonna be really awesome to actually see him back from the classic game LittleBigPlanet. Surprisingly, there is also a remake of Demon’s Souls, which was only for PS3.

On the Xbox side, there is an event announcement from Microsoft to showcase the Xbox series X games on 23 July. For now, there are three conform exclusively at launch. Halo Infinite, Scorn, and The Ascent. Though we don’t have anything against Scorn and The Ascent, Halo will be the top dog out of those three. Scorn and The Ascent are two completely new games. While Halo has been one of Microsoft best exclusive for years

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The games which are playable for both console at launch is Rainbow Six Siege and Fortnite. But who’s gonna buy PS5 or Xbox series X to play Fortnite or Siege. Again they are very good, but they are already on the PC and last-gen console. Most likely additional games are coming a week after the launch of the consoles.


 PlayStation 5Xbox series X
CPU8 core AMD Zen 2
at 3.5 GHz clock speed
8 core AMD Zen 2
at 3.8 GHz clock speed
GPUCustom RDNA2,
10.28 TFLOPs,
36 CU's at 2.23 GHz with variable frequency
Custom RDNA2,
12 TFLOPs,
52 CU's at 2.23 GHz with variable frequency
Memory16GB GDDR616GB GDDR6
StorageCustom 825GB SSD1TB custom NVMe SSD
Frame Per Second120fps120fps

Spec-wise both consoles are very impressive. Both CPUs are running the same architecture. But the Xbox series X will be running a consistently higher clock speed compared to the PS5. Due to that the Xbox series X has the PS5 beat here but not by much.

Well, the PS5 has a lower teraflops count and fewer compute units in its GPU compared to the Xbox series X, it has a higher maximum clock speed. Still, the fact that the Xbox series X has nearly two more teraflops than the PS5. But don’t expect graphics to look noticeably better on the Xbox series X, it’s a marginal difference.

In terms of storage, both consoles have expansion Bay for additional storage. This all makes it seem like the series X has a better SSD but not so fast. literally, we didn’t even get into the read and write speeds yet. Where the PS5’s SSD blows the Xbox series X is right out of the water.

It’s capable of 5.5-9 GBPS speed, which is blazing fast even for a solid-state drive. On the other hand, the Xbox Series X’s SSD is much less impressive. As it’s only capable of 2.4-6 GBPS speed. What this means is that games should load quite a lot faster on the PS5 compared to Xbox Series X, almost eliminating loading screens. Even though the Xbox series X’s SSD has more storage, it just doesn’t have the speed to compete with the PS5.

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Both consoles will support up to 8k resolution for select games as well as 120fps gameplay and ray tracing. So games will not only look incredible on both consoles but they should run smoothly as well. With 60fps being the minimum frame rate developers are aiming for this upcoming generation.

Backward compatibility

As for backward compatibility, well, it looks like the Xbox series X has the upper hand. The PS5 is going to be backward compatible with a majority of ps4 titles, though it won’t be compatible with every single one of them. But we assume the big titles like Horizon Zero Dawn, Uncharted 4, God of War, and more will be playable on the PS5 at launch.

The Xbox series X will support all games playable on the Xbox One. On top of all that it’s even backward compatible with Xbox 360 and original Xbox console titles. But only if those titles are supported through backward compatibility on the Xbox One. So technically the Xbox series X is backward compatible with four generations of gaming. While the PS5 is only compatible with two, which is a big win for Xbox series X.


So the final thing is which console you should choose? If your budget is much bigger then you probably want to go with the one without the disk drive on at the PlayStation side. Of course, it looks amazing, it’s really cool and you get the spider-man exclusive.

The specs are pretty good as we know. In terms of CPU and GPU, the Xbox series X should slightly have better performance than the PlayStation 5. However, as we know the PlayStation 5 has a better SSD which would mean the PlayStation should actually have faster load times and faster load times between each app if you’ve got multiple games open.

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