PS4 jailbreak | What is it and what are the benefits of PS4 jailbreak?

What is PS4 jailbreak?

PS4 jailbreak! well, what is it? Before doing any jailbreaking some things you need to consider for safety purposes. Jail means simply jail/prison or break means simply breakdown. In other words, doing changes or do some hacks in any device software.

Every digital device made with two main parts. 1. Hardware and 2. Software. Either it a computer, a mobile phone or a PS4. For example a mobile phone software, we can do only those things which the OS or software programmed allowed us to do.

Suppose I want to download any paid software or games from the app store. But I can only do if I paid for it or somehow doing some changes in system software to bypass the payment process. Thus I can download the game for free.

Similarly, PS4 also has firmware or system software. If we do jailbreak our PS4 we can download games completely free. Plus we can add mods, themes, extra features, etc.

Mostly cases PS4 jailbreak is illegal. Plus it voids our warranty. Incase in the future, if you face some issue you couldn’t be fixed that because the warranty is already gone.

Every new device comes with new technology. Therefore, it is not easy to jailbreak that device. But as the device getting old, jailbreak becomes easier.

ps4 jailbreak

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How you can jailbreak PS4?

Firstly, If you are an expert in software and programming, there are lots of methods available on the internet. Also, it so risks doing that. If anything goes wrong you probably damage your PS4.

Secondly, you can do this from the market. Because they do it daily bases and also can handle if something goes wrong.

Note: Not every PS4 can be jailbreak. It depends on which software version you have on your PS4. Currently, now only 6.72or below software versions jailbreak available. There is no public Jailbreak at this point for firmware version 6.72 above. Maybe in the future, a jailbreak will be available.

If your software version 6.72 and below it, you can easily do the jailbreak.

Advantages of PS4 jailbreak:

1. Download free games

The biggest advantage is you can download and play games completely free or very cheap price.

2. Backward compatibility

You can play old ps2 and ps3 games on ps4. Generally, it does not support to play ps2 or ps3 games on ps4. But after jailbreak, you can easily play.

3. Custom ROM

You can download custom ROM and different themes to customize or look better. You can apply different mods in games.

Disadvantages of PS4 jailbreak:

1. Online games

First of all, you can’t play online multiplayer games. So forgot about PUBG or fortnite if you are planning to play those games.

2. Warranty

If you face any problem after jailbreak. The service center couldn’t fix your problem. Because after jailbreak warranty gets completely void.

3. New games

You can’t play new games. You have to wait to be pirated for the new games.

4. Playstation network

You can’t access the PlayStation network. If you try to log in your account you probably get banned or blocked

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  1. so if I jailbreak my ps4, download the games then copy them to a disk drive or hard drive, then factory reset my ps4, will I be able to put the games I copied into the reseted ps4?

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