Project xCloud: The portable Xbox and a New cloud gaming service.

project xCloud

Have you ever thought of playing your Xbox on your phone, on your tablet right? Well, that is Project xCloud and I’m just gonna tell you how it actually works. So the very first time we saw Project xCloud was at E3 2019. I’ve got a video on that it was smooth, it was also choppy at times. But we finally got it now you can go ahead and sign up for a project xCloud preview.

I’d be using it for about a month or so and I have to say I’ve enjoyed the experience. And I’ve joined what Microsoft has done with this. So the very first thing you need is an Android device. Unfortunately, there’s no app available for iOS devices.

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Once you get it and you download the application, it is a very straight forward process. You sign in to your Xbox account and boom you’re good to go now. Here’s the funny thing, once you just actually going to play a game it signs you out of your console if your console is on. And it basically signs you in here so moving your Xbox from your console to here right.

Tons of games you get on Project xCloud

Now all you can do a Project xCloud is stream games and they are a bunch of games. 50 games in Project xCloud plus 3000+ games are available on the Xbox console today. But besides that point, there are a ton of games. Gears 5, Halo 5 Forza horizon series, Devil May Cry 5, Just cause 4, Madden 2020, WWE 2k 2020, etc.

So a lot of games and looks like you’re gonna be adding more and more games to that list. So I like that when I first started it was only four games. But going into the application and looking at what the application has. Once you actually sign in you’ve got your list of games. Or you can search for games with a search icon. So if their games are not available on Project xCloud you can stream that directly. So if it’s a third-party game that says Microsoft hasn’t actually put on Project xCloud and you own it, then you can stream it directly from your console.

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Now also Microsoft stated that Project xCloud coming in the year 2020. You can do streaming on using Xbox game pass. That is one of the best services ever. If you don’t have game Pass go ahead and get it. Especially game pass ultimately for PC. You can stream those games, you can also download these games on PC as well. But that would be coming in the future.

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How you can play games on Project xCloud

So what’s the game-play process here? You pick a game you want to play just click on that and you have the option to play. Now when you press play the first time if you haven’t connected a controller it would say set up connect to the controller. Using a standard Xbox controller makes the game-play easy. Microsoft did say that they will also support most of the controllers in the future. All the razer controllers including as well the Sony PlayStation 4 Dual Shock controller. Yes, you can actually have a Dual Shock controller playing Xbox games is pretty cool.

Now the Razer Junglecat is truly the perfect Xbox controller. I’d like the look of this bad boy. And I can’t wait for that update to play my game. It makes the whole process really portable and easy to take around with you. But once you have your controller you jump into the game. It’s just a setup process and boom! you’re good to go. And I’ve got to say the game-play experiences being really good.

Overall experience on Project xCloud

Well, when I initially started a month ago there was some choppiness I will agree and I’ll mention that. But they’ve been fixing this and there’s a lot of feedback questions on here. But the gameplay process now is smooth. I was playing Devil May Cry 5. I was playing Gears, though it still is the one that gives me a little bit of choppiness I will agree. But Forza Horizon 4 just ran pretty smooth. I playing on both WIFI network or mobile data and you don’t notice any packet loss. There’s an icon that indicates you losing signal or your signals getting worse that kind of thing in there. And I think that because it’s also 720p that helps.

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Now a lot of other companies are claiming 4k or mobile streaming. And I don’t think it’s possible in LTE. And I’m sure maybe Microsoft will mention that when 5g is more accessible we’re going to have that 5g option. But it feels like playing in Xbox on your phone and you can do this also on a tablet as well. So you’ve got a tablet that makes a lot of sense. I see this as making it look the portable Xbox experience. You look down in the future Microsoft will release an app for iOS. I’m sure they will also have apps for TVs as well. So you buy a TV and all you need is a controller and then you can stream your games.


If you want to play the Xbox game, your bind is literally what device you already have. You have an android, that’s very good, but if you don’t you may have to purchase or you can wait until iOS app release. A controller, most likely you might have one, if not, then it’s a $50 purchase. Then the biggest purchase of yours in the future would be Xbox game pass and that’s probably about $60 a year or so and boom you’re done. You’re paying a smaller price to jump in.

Now the other services out there like in Google Stadia which coming out this year, you have to pay for every game. So right now Project X cloud is free by the way, there are no payments available. You sign up and enjoy a lot of these games and the experience is truly nice it’s getting better. There are some kinks like when you have notifications and you get into that notification it kind of freezes the game. So you gotta have to back out and do in things against.

What I would like to see them is adding a game mode so that actually blocks all notifications off. Or tied into game modes for any smartphone like Galaxy devices have it, other gaming phones have it. So once you click on game mode and you click on the application and you just block out all notifications. And you can enjoy your game without any issue, that is what I like to see. But so far it’s been good, I’m loving the improvements. I can’t wait to try it more controllers. And trust me that Razer Junglecat is calling me, saying that this is my mobile gaming experience.

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