Mouse DPI fully explained: How does it affect on FPS gaming?

Mouse DPI explained

Go try to shop for a gaming mouse. You will often have someone try to sell you based on how many DPI rated on the mouse. DPI basically stands for “Dots Per Inches“. I think this is one of the most overused or overhyped words in the gaming peripheral industry. Before dive into further let’s know what is actually dpi mean.

What is the mouse DPI?

Mouse DPI fully explained: How does it affect on FPS gaming?

DPI is kinda a misnomer when it referring to mouse sensitivity. DPI stands for Dots Per Inch, meaning that the number of individual dots can fit in a straight line within the span of 1 inch. But when it comes to the mouse it would better be called CPI or counts per inch. This is the number of pixels that the mouse able to register when you move the mouse 1 inch in physical space. For example, a mouse has 800CPI, which means the cursor of the mouse will cover the 800px distance of your monitor. The higher the CPI the more sensitive your mouse will be.

You might be wounder higher CPI must always be better. Well no, in gaming higher CPI might be helpful for quickly move and cover larger pixels area. But also it causes some significant issues with accuracy. 8000CPI doesn’t mean that the mouse will able to read more information than an 800CPI mouse. CPI is only the measurement relationship between how far your mouse moves on the surface and how far the cursor moves on the screen.

How does the mouse dpi affect fps gaming?

If you purchased a decent gaming mouse, you will able to change the DPI of the mouse. In most cases, a physical button located right under the scroll wheel to change DPI. But how dpi and sensitivity work on an fps gaming? A higher DPI does not mean a better mouse. Let’s take an example of Counter-strike. Sensitivity is a variable inside of the counter-strike itself. DPI is determined by the hardware of the mouse where sensitivity is determined by the software of the game.

mouse dpi

A good rule of thumb is to use 400dpi if you playing on a low resolution. And 800dpi if you are playing on a resolution native to your monitor. You just have to find the sensitivity that works for you. There are lots of settings when it comes to the mouse. The idea of getting the right settings is to turn off as much pointless crap as possible. So that when you move the mouse the corsair moves just as far as you move the mouse.

You need it to be consistent. The thing about playing an e-Sport title like counter-strike is that you need it to be consistent. In your windows settings, turn off enhance pointer precision. It does not enhance the pointer precision, it just does other calculations you just don’t need it.

The same thing goes for your in-game settings, turn off mouse acceleration. Adding this extra calculation will only hurt you. It will be inconsistent and it will take more time to move where you want to. So with mouse acceleration, you won’t be able to flick shoot.

Finding your sensitivity and settings

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The in-game sensitivity is variable as a software-based multiplier to your DPI. So if you have 400dpi and two in-game sensitivity it will be the same as 800dpi and one in-game sensitivity. For the right sensitivity, you need to find the optimization between being able to micro correct your aim and your movement. It is easier to aim at lower sensitivity. But it easier to move at higher sensitivities. The advice I gave everyone is to make your sensitivity as low as possible. While still being able to turn 180 degrees consistently. It does take a bit of tweaking to find out what best for you.

First, start by settings your DPI and all of your mouse settings, then slowly adjust the sensitivity to find out what works for you. If it looks like you have to pick up the mouse a lot when you’re just walking around, you probably got your sensitivity low. And you are having a lot of difficulty aiming and you seem to overshoot your target a lot, you probably have your sensitivity too high.

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  1. Thank you for sharing such an amazing guide. As a gamer, I would recommend 1k to 1600 for MMO games, and for a shooter game, 400 would be enough. What are your thoughts about it?

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