Last of us part 2 | Things you need to know, Release date, trailer and more.

Last of us part 2 | Things you need to know, Release date, trailer and more.

last of us part 2

Last of us was a huge success for Sony PlayStation. And now they’re looking forward to launching last of us part 2 soon. No doubt Last of us was a fantastic game so far. It’s characters, storyline, gameplay, etc everything was amazing.

Sony release 3 trailers about last of us part 2. The very fast trailer release a few years back and it about was an initial hint that LOU2 is coming. The second trailer was demo gameplay which reveals last year on E3 21018. And the third one tells us more details about the game.

E3 2018 gameplay reveal trailer:

The story focuses on what we’ve seen about the game so far, but a huge amount of work has gone into the gameplay too. The combat system of this game little bit evolved from the last game. Some several changes have been made in this game.

1. The environment is now bigger.

The environment is now bigger than we’ve seen from the last game. The exploring spaces have several houses, shop or other building, with multiple floors. Some of the areas are completely optional to explore in story progression. But some of them featuring hidden or hard to get areas with dipper story information or resources.

2. Ellie has a few new ways to interact with the environment.

Naughty dog-shaped the gameplay around her character. Older and stronger than when we first met her but still agile and relatively small. Ellie can squeeze through gaps in the environment, jump much while combat and also goes prone to make a cover in open areas through the grass. This has the most impact while you’re actually playing it.

last of us part 2

3. New enemies are better at fighting you.

Naughty dog introduces new infected classes the “Shambler”. Shambler is kind of lumbering or tanker enemy. Shambler can chase you down and try to get towards you. They tough to take down, when they get close they emit a cloud of acidic fungal nastiness. All the enemies challenge you in different ways and force you to think about the best way to take them out. They also take advantage of the bigger environment.

4. Enemies seem more humanize.

While taking on the WLF (Washington Liberation Force) of Seattle. The enemy fighter would call out their friend’s names. Naughty Dog’s director Neil Druckmann explained that this is a revenge story. The last of us part 2 is about destructive cycles of violence.

5. Enemies now include dogs.

last of us part 2

During the Seattle section of the game, Ellie finds a bow. It’s embedded in a clicker and she has to tear it out and it’s so disgusting. It also gives her a way of one-shooting enemies from stealth during combat. Take out a dog and its human handler will stop and check that the dog is okay. And if you kill the human first, the dog gets sad and confused.

6. Dogs are tricky to fight.

Dogs are small so they too hard to see in the long grass. They can also smell you so you can’t creep up to stealth melee them. They disrupt your attempts to sneak around on human too. You leave behind a scent trail which you can see using your listening mode. If the dog is present you’ll need to keep moving or distract them with thrown objects to avoid damage.

Last of us part 2 release date:

Naughty dog release a release date reveal trailer. The releasing date of last of us part 2 is February 21, 2020.

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