How to live streaming games on YouTube and twitch – [ step by step guide ]

Twitch & YouTube live Streaming Guide for beginners

Gaming has massively grown all over the world from the last few decades. Streaming games and entertain the viewers is a full-time career right now. People are making lots of money on twitch and YouTube, live streaming their favorite games. The current most popular platform to live streaming is YouTube & twitch.

Live streaming on YouTube & twitch is not difficult. I mention step by step guide to do perfect streaming. You only need any one of this streaming software such as OBS Studio, Stream lab OBS, X split game caster, Wire cast, etc; a verified YouTube and Twitch account and a good internet connection( Atleast 10mbps ). But here I talk about OBS studio or Stream lab OBS. Because they are free plus most popular and they are kinda similar.

How to live streaming games on YouTube and twitch - [ step by step guide ]

Step by Step guide to Twitch & YouTube live Streaming

Step 1: Download streaming Software

  • Open any browser ( Google Chrome or Firefox );
  • Download and install the software. ( same process as other software installation );
  • Set up the software ( Next step );

Step 2: Open your Twitch & YouTube live streaming dashboard


  • Log in to your YouTube account and open the YouTube dashboard;
  • Set up some basic settings
Youtube live streaming

Before starting streaming you have set up some basic info. Like other YouTube videos, you have put a title, description and set a thumbnail. You can also select the category and privacy status.

Youtube live streaming

Click on the stream option, you can enable or disable DVR as per your wish. But my prefer to keep it enabled so viewers can able to backward the stream. Set the latency, keep it low-latency.

Youtube live streaming

Down below in advanced option you can set the Chat mode, License and rights ownership, Caption certification( if you have one ) and the Age restriction ( If your content is 18+, please keep it enable ). That’s it, you are good to go to next step.

  • Click on “Reveal” and copy the “Stream name/key” ( Note: Don’t share the stream key with anyone );


  • Log in to your twitch account and go to channel settings;
  • Click on “show” and copy the “primary stream key” ( Note: Don’t share the stream key with anyone );

How to live streaming games on YouTube and twitch - [ step by step guide ]

If you didn’t enable two-step authentication, it may ask you to do so to see the stream key.

  • Next: Go to “Creator dashboard”;
How to live streaming games on YouTube and twitch - [ step by step guide ]

In Creator dashboard you can set up some settings such as title, category, tags and language as well.

Step 3: Set up streaming Software.

  • Open the Stream lab OBS and sign in with your streaming account. ( Which you want stream, YouTube or Twitch );
  • Choose a theme you like and install it.

Stream lab OBS include free template or overlays to enhancement your stream. You can choose your favorite theme and simply install it. You can add scenes such as starting stream, ending the stream, be right back, etc. But you really don’t need to do that because the theme you installed, already includes the sense.

  • Add source
Youtube live streaming

Click on the “+” icon to add a new source. Now select “game capture” then click add source. You can also use display capture or window capture. Click on mode and set “capture specific window”.

Start your game and keep it in background. In the window option, you can see your game, simply select it. Leave the other option as it is.

  • Adjust settings
Youtube live streaming

In “stream option” choose the server on which you want Stream ( YouTube or Twitch ). Paste you stream key which you copied before.

Youtube live streaming

In “output option” set the encoder to hardware(AMD) (If you are using AMD graphics card) or hardware( NVIDIA NVENC ) (If you using NVIDIA graphics card). Set the video bit-rate carefully. See the bit-rate settings for Twitch and YouTube.

QualityFrames per secondBit-rateResolution
480P30500-2,000 Kbps854 X 480
720P301,500-4,000 Kbps1280 X 720
720P602,250-6,000 Kbps1280 X 720
1080P303,000-6,000 Kbps1920 X 1080
1080P604,500-9,000 Kbps1920 X 1080
2K/1440P30 6,000-13,000 Kbps2560 X 1440
2K/1440P609,000-18,000 Kbps2560 X 1440
4K/2160P3013,000-34,000 Kbps3840 X 2160
4K/2160P6020,000-51,000 Kbps3840 X 2160
Youtube live streaming

Go to the “video option” set the base resolution, output resolution and the fps you want to stream. If you have a really good PC you can stream on 1080P 60fps, but if you don’t keep the resolution 720P and fps 30. Leave the other settings as it is.

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Step 4: Click Go Live

How to live streaming games on YouTube and twitch - [ step by step guide ]

You are now ready to stream. That’s all the things you need for a better stream. Click on “Go live” and your stream will start. You can confirm it by check your YouTube and Twitch dashboard. For ending the stream click on “end stream”, the stream will stop.

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