How Augmented Reality will change the gaming industry in the future?

The gaming industry is constantly growing for the last couple of decades. Whether it on a mobile, computer, or a console. Most of the gamers must have heard about VR and AR. VR means virtual reality and AR means augmented reality. Though we are kinda familiar with VR gaming. Maybe some of you already played VR games. But there are very few who know about augmented reality. AR has the potential to change the whole gaming experience. AR already exists on smartphone cameras, GPS, and some social media app such as Snapchat, Instagram. The best example of Augmented reality gaming would be the Pokemon Go game. Other games such as Galaga AR Ingress, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite also using AR technology. But these games and apps using it on a small level.

Augmented reality

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented reality is an interactive experience of the real-world. A computer-generated object can overlay in the real-world. It doesn’t affect real-world objects. whereas virtual reality completely replaces the user’s real-world environment with a simulated one.

Difference between Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

In virtual reality, the user gets surrounded by completely based on virtual information. For VR you need some sort of headset in order to experience VR. But in AR the user can see the object overlay on the real-world by using some sort of special lens. For example, in architecture, VR can help to create a walk-through simulation of inside the building. And AR can show the whole building’s structures on a real-life view.

Augmented reality

Here are some possibilities that can happen after the AR more envolving in gaming.

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1. Rapidly growing the gaming industry.

pokemon go

Augmented reality has the ability to redefine the gaming industry. The existing gamer around the world will experience the ultimate level of gaming. And thus they can engage other peoples also to experience that. It not just increasing the gamers but also close the gap between user and developers. The popularity of multiplayer AR games can push the developers to keep improving the technology. Moreover, Apple’s newly launch fast-action multiplayer games such as Galaga AR and SwiftShot can take the AR gaming experience to the next level.

2. Better Gaming console

Console-like Sony PlayStation, Microsoft Xbox One, Nintendo Switch is trying so hard to give you the best possible gaming. The existing consoles are already supported VR. AR makes that cabin feel real to the gamer and can improve their real-life abilities in a safe environment. AR in-game development can bring new opportunities for developers working with advanced technology.

How Augmented Reality will change the gaming industry in the future?

3. Technologies behind AR games

Existing games and apps such as Pokemon Go, Galaga AR, or Snapchat, Instagram is using the Augmented reality on a small level. The more AR will develop the more possibilities and options will pop up for gamers and developers. The game development companies using Unity 5, Wikitude, Vuforia, etc technologies in their AR games. Hololens, a mixed reality smartglasses from Microsoft push the boundary for AR games. Magic leap is another example of Augmented reality.

Augmented reality

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No doubt AR technology is going to influence the gaming industry. AR has open endless opportunities for gamer and developers. It capable of providing a great experience. Converting a field into a battlefield. Gamers now can interact with the real-world in digital form. Also, it will provide a gamer a unique and creative experience. AR technology is going to be the future of the gaming industry.

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  1. AR technology in the gaming industry provides with an interactive experience of a real-world environment. The game development company develops games with trending tech like Augmented Reality so that users never get bored. The value of the augmented reality in the gaming industry is expected to reach almost $285 billion by 2023, which defines the value of AR in the coming future.

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