Grand Theft Auto 6(GTA 6) release date, location, leaks, & more

Grand Theft Auto 6

In this article, we’re going to talk about Rockstar discussing grand theft auto 6 location, release date and much more.

The first thing we’ve heard is that Rockstar’s boss Dan Houser is thankful to not be releasing GTA 6 during the current US presidency. So this happens during an interview with GQ magazine. Dan Houser said that he is thankful he’s not releasing Grand theft auto 6 in the age of Trump. Dan Houser said…

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“It’s really unclear what we would even do with it, let alone how upset people would get with whatever we did, Both intense liberal progression and intense conservatism are both very militant, and very angry. It is scary but it’s also strange, and yet both of them seem occasionally to veer towards the absurd. It’s hard to satirise for those reasons. Some of the stuff you see is straightforwardly beyond satire. It would be out of date within two minutes, everything is changing so fast.”

In an interview with GQ Magzine

So I obviously think he’s joking a little bit. Because Rockstar has released grand theft auto games in the past with the controversial US presidents. So it’s not like I think they have a particular problem with the current US president. I think for the most part Dan Houser is talking about, how quickly the world is changing now. And how tough it might be for Rockstar to satirize something. Because people might get upset and offended way too quickly.

Grand Theft Auto 6

Leaks from Leslie Benzies (Former president of Rockstar) about Grand Theft Auto 6

Leslie Benzies is currently no longer with Rockstar Games. So this happened on December 13th, 2012. Leslie Benzies interviewed with Digital trends. And he talked about how in future games he would like to see a grand theft auto title featuring all the worlds.

Of course at some point we would like to have one big world containing all our cities and let the player fly between them and revisit their favorite areas, In that context reimagining Vice City would be very interesting.

In an interview with digitaltrends

So that is particularly cool because all of the recent leaks, rumors, and reports have suggested Vice City. Whether it’s the famous project America’s League that said it would be taking place in Vice City. Whether it was the recent scouting documents. So even back in 2012 did Leslie Benzies have an idea of where he wanted Grand theft auto 6 to take place.

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More possibility about GTA 6 from Leslie Benzies

Now specifically on that note, on the subject of Vice City returning as a future setting. Benzies said…

“It always a possibility. There are few references to the city in our current-gen GTAs so it is part of that HD universe, and it certainly somewhere we would love to revisit. However, Vice City, perhaps more than any other GTA game, was as much about the era as the settings. Miami in the 1980s is so iconic it would feel strange to revisit the city in a different time period”

Okay, so I think he brings up a lot of interesting things here. The first is that there is a possibility of it returning. But more so the fact that he says Vice City is a part of HD universe. Which I think is good if the city itself were to be remastered like we’ve seen other cities Liberty City and Los Santos. He also mentions Vice City was so successful because of its 1980s time period. So if Rockstar did visit that for Grand theft auto 6, would they have it still back in the 1980s or would they have it in modern times.

Leslie Benzies’s interview with develop

On October 3rd, 2013 he did an interview with Develop. He said that they’ve got a ton of ideas for GTA 6. He specifically said that…

We’ve got about 45 years worth of ideas we want to do, We don’t know what GTA 6 will be, but we’ve got some ideas.”

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So isn’t that interesting that back in 2013 GTA 5 was coming out so they already had ideas on what to do next with GTA 6. Now in a previous interview with Guardian, Rockstar’s Dan Houser also talked about Grand theft auto 6 at the time 2013. He said that…

“We don’t have another GTA in development, we don’t work on three of these games at a time. That would be phenomenally depressing, But we’re not[sitting here] fantasizing about 10years down the line. We’re so busy with what we’re doing right now.”

So I guess that confirms that right as GTA 5 released, they weren’t in development with the next GTA game. Which I guess would make sense since their focus was probably going to be on GTA online and other DLCs.

He also talked about how grand theft auto 6 would probably never return to London nor be outside of the United State. So he said that GTA London was cool for a time but was limited as well. The project America is one saying that the game will take place at least portions of it in South America. But maybe the main game will still take place in Vice City.

I can almost guarantee you the story is probably 100% done at this point. The location has almost certainly been decided and I think we know where that is going to take place.

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Rumors and release date form Take-Two Interactive

Strauss Zelnick, the CEO of Take-Two Interactive has expressed his wish for quicker release date of Rockstar Games titles. This was on June 24th, 2019 so this actually happened this year. So Zelnick told It’s possible that games may be a bit shorter than they were in certain circumstances. It’s possible that the ability to deliver content on an ongoing basis for a long time. So Take-Two isn’t happy at the speed these games are coming out like grand theft auto and Red Dead Redemption. The rumors and leaks say that GTA 6 will take a couple of years to release. Maybe in 2020 or 2021.

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