Gaming PC Build Under 50000 Rs In India 2020

Gaming PC build under 50000 Rs

50,000 Rs Gaming PC, The perfect spot for most budget gamer. Today we’ll see Best possible Gaming PC build under 50000 Rs. I’ll tell you why I’ve choose those component for that particular price and I also show add benchmark and performance in this article.

Make sure you read the article carefully, because in between I also gave some tips which you can apply while selecting your components. For example, if you can afford more budget, there are some alternative parts I’ve mentioned.

All right, so let’s see our components for Gaming PC build under 50000. Remember, the price of the components will be vary, depend on when and from where you buy.

Gaming PC build under 50000
Gaming PC build under 50000 Rs

Components For Gaming PC Build Under 50000

Quick list

CPURyzen5 2600X
GPUNVIDIA GTX 1660 super
Mother BoardAB350N-Gaming WIFI
B450 DS3H
Cabinet and PSUCorsair SPEC-05
(550W PSU/650W PSU)
Storage240GB SSD or 1TB HDD

CPU(Central Processing Unit)

R5 2600
Gaming PC build under 50000 Rs

The first and the most important component for a PC is CPU. You defiantly need a good CPU for better performance. For the overall price range of 50,000 Rs, I’ve chosen the AMD 2nd Gen Ryzen5 2600X.

Even though Ryzen5 2600X is a little bit old CPU but the performance you get at this price point is really awesome. It will cost you around 13,000-14,500 Rs. Again the price is may vary a little bit.

The Ryzen5 2600X built 12nm ZEN 2 architecture with a TDP of 95W. The CPU offers 6 core and 12 thread with a base frequency of 3.6 GHz and a turbo frequency of 4.2 GHz.

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GPU(Graphics Processing Unit):

Gaming PC build under 50000 Rs

The second component of our build is Graphics Card. GPU is the most important component in a Gaming PC. Without a good GPU you wouldn’t get good performance and frame rates. So try to invest a good amount of portion of your budget on the GPU. Specially if you considering to use this PC for playing heavy games only.

The GPU |’v chosen for this build is NVIDIA GTX 1660 super. The model is from Inno3d, which is Twin X2 6GB variant. It will cost you around 20,000-21,000 Rs. This GPU offers you the best possible performance for this price.

Talking about performance, the base clock speed is 1530MHz and boost clock speed is 1785Mhz. It comes with 6GB of GDDR6 VRAM and 1408 CUDA cores, which is I believe is enough for gaming.

Note: One thing I would Like to mention that this build is purely for gaming purpose, that’s why I choose the combination of Ryzen5 2600X and GTX 1660 super. Because for a gaming build GPU is very important over CPU.

If you planing to do some productivity work, ex: photo editing and video rendering. Then, I would suggest Invest more on CPU rather on a GPU.

You can upgrade from Ryzen 2nd Gen to 3rd Gen and for GPU you can go with 1650 super instead of 1660 super.

So depend on your requirement you can change the PC components like that.

Mother Board

Gaming PC build under 50000 Rs

Now, talking about the motherboard I’ve pick AB350N-Gaming WIFI from Gigabyte. It is a mini ITX motherboard. Now, this is a very good motherboard in the budget price segment. As mentioned it’s a 350 series motherboard, which means it’s a little bit old. But don’t worry it can easily fulfill your requirement.

The benefit of being old is that the price of this motherboard comes down to very little. It cost you around 6500-7000 Rs. At this price point, it offers you great features. The best thing about this motherboard is, it has a built-in WIFI and Bluetooth support.

It supports both AMD Ryzen 2nd Gen as well as 3rd Gen CPUs. But for the 3rd Gen CPU, you need to update the BIOS of this motherboard.

If you can spend 1000-2000 Rs more, then there is an alternative, which is B450M DS3H from gigabyte.

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Gaming PC build under 50000 Rs

As this is a Gaming PC build under 50000 Rs, you can only get a single 8GB stick. In that case, I would recommend going with corsair vengeance 8GB DDR4. You’ll get this only 3500 Rs.

But if you can spend extra 3000-4000 Rs even at some point in the future, then I highly recommend you install another 8GB stick in a dual configuration setup. A total of 16GB of RAM can give you a huge boost in your gaming.

I’m not talking much about the frequency of RAM. Just pick a 3000Mhz one.

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Gaming PC build under 50000 Rs

Instead of choosing power supply and cabinet separate I decide to combine those and go with Corsair Spec-05. Generally I don’t recommend to use the power supply which comes within the case, because most of the time they are cheap and low quality.

But, that’s not the case with corsair spec-05. The built-in power supply in this case is really good. Side panel of this case is tampered glass, plus comes with one 120 mm fan inside. On the front IO you get 1 USB3.0, 1 USB2.0, 1 3.5mm headphone jack and microphone jack1 reset button.

This cabinet comes with 2 variants. one with 550W PSU and other 650W PSU. So depending on price you can choose any one from these two.


For storage I’m using 240GB SSD. It’ll cost you somewhere around 3500-4000 Rs. You can choose it from any brand, ex: Kingston, Samsung, Crucial. SSD really gives you a faster experience in gaming as well as for general task. SSD decrease your windows boot time and game loading time.

SSD is really fast compared to HDD, that’s why I always recommend to consider SSD over HDD in first place. But the problem is SSD is little bit costlier then Normal Hard disk.

As this is a Gaming PC build under 50000 Rs you can only get 240GB SSD. Later in future you can upgrade the storage. Again if you don’t care about fast loading and fast boot up, then you can consider a 1TB HHD which co

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