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Days Gone Review

When any AAA title announced to be released, especially console exclusive plus only for PS4, The hype goes like crazy. And exactly it happened with Days gone. Before the game launch, this game had created so much hype.

Like it gives you that feeling of God Of War or like Marvel Spider-man. Obviously, the game presents itself like you wouldn’t get such kind of experience in any other games.

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But here I’m a bit disappointed after playing this game. Now I understand why IGN and Gamespot give it low ratings.

Days Gone

The positives side of Days Gone

No doubt, definitely guys the graphics of Days Gone is so beautiful, looks so real and nice.

The game mechanics are very good, crafting system and other stuff also user-friendly.

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You wouldn’t find any difficulty in crafting things. The game nicely explains the story from start to finish.

In every scenario, the game guides you on what to do. The sounds and situation come during kill any zombie is so engaging experience.

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The nagative side of Days Gone

First of all, the starting has shown so fast and rough. In the starting, you maybe wouldn’t get understand quickly what, how and why this is happening in the story.

You remember the last of us starting was so emotional, you like completely get touched of that first 15 mins of the game.

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But, in Days Gone Bend studio does not or maybe failed to create any such starting where you get attached to it.

Bend studio didn’t focus on the story. Days Gone have 30hrs of gameplay. To stick in-game such a long time you need a better story, better NPC character.

When you interact with those characters, listen to their conversations, you like I want more stuff like this and curious to know what will happen next.

No doubt, the zombie sequence, and fighting with the gangsters are so good.

But in story-wise and character-wise except Deacon ( the main character ) I don’t care about others. Because of that character build-up is none in this game.

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Days Gone

Technical point of view

Talking from a technical point of view this game has so many bugs and problems. Also, it delayed launching. It supposes to launch in mid-2018.

The first patch update was 23GB. But again after the update, the bugs didn’t fully fix. Frame rates also drop at some point.

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Although the game is good. If you want a zombie survival game with good graphics Days Gone is will be a good choice.

But if you want a good story, which can keep you engaging and curious for 30hr gameplay, it may disappoint you.

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Although the bugs, the frame rate issue can be fixed after some updates.

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