6 Steps To Make A Professional Gaming Career.

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How To Make A Successful Gaming Career?

Esports has grown so fast over the last couple of decades. It’s the fastest-growing spectator sport on earth. Bringing the exhilarating world of video games to a large audience. But what if you want to do more than just watch. What if you want the prize money and the prestige for yourself. Well if you’ve ever looked at a pro gamer and thought I also want to dive into Professional gaming. Then here are some things you need to know about becoming a pro gamer.

In this article, I’ll be sharing some top tips from professional gamer and e-sports professionals around the world. Nothing in these tips going to turn you into professional overnight. Instead, these are the things you need to consider before starting the long hard journey into Professional gaming.

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6 Steps How To Become A Professional Gamer?

1. A lot of Practice

It’s a pretty obvious one to start with but we have to get it out of the way early. You have to practice a lot, you have to give a huge amount of time of your day into gaming. The top best players spend up to 10 hours a day in training themself. That’s why they’re top of their game. If you’re not comfortable or dedicate this amount of time to practice, then it’s best to step away now.

But not just any practice you will do. You can’t just sit back, play, and watch the hours. No, you need to practice in the correct way. Former Cloud 9 coach LemonNation describes his day as wake-up, scrim, solo queue. If that doesn’t seem like your working day then it’s time to start considering a career plan B.

Team Solomid(TSM) player Bjergsen has spent thousands of hours playing League Of Legends. And wild turtle has dedicated 4 years of his life to the game. Do your research, discover what the pros do and make yourself a schedule. It might not sound fun but the wrong kind of practice far worse than no practice at all.

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2. Pick The Right Game

Very few players, if any can compete at the top level in multiple games. Some might play different games during their careers. The most important thing here is finding a game that matches your particular set of skills. Former cloud 9 and full-time streamer shroud got into FPS games when he was just 7 years old. You already know the right kind of game for you. You should also consider which role you’re gonna playing before you make a hard choice.

Shop around and find titles that are line most closely with the experience you enjoy. You also consider the newer games. As it’s a high probable chance that players didn’t play thousand of hours. It’s become easy for you to compete with those players. You are going to play a lot of whatever game you choose So make sure it’s something you love.

3. Start with local tournaments

It’s natural to dream of bright lights, big game, and glamorous trophy ceremonies but you’ve got to start small. Before start thinking about the big tournaments looks for local competitions to improve your game. If your goal is to travel the world, visit boot camps to Koria and take part in televised events in front of screaming fans. But all esports begin locally. Small competitions will help you to get used to playing in public.

Team Solomid(TSM) Bjergsen started off playing smaller tournaments for less money. But before eventually realizing he could make a career of it and off the back of that he was able to win a spot on TSM. His background proved just how much he wanted to succeed. Despite never having had the chance to prove himself on the international stage.

4. Streaming your games

It’s not quite the same as playing in front of thousands. But streaming your games can be an easy way to used to yourself to public gaming. It also helps make you more communicative, a crucial skill if you want to play as part of a team.

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It’s common knowledge that shroud started his career streaming on twitch before started Professional gaming, which led to feedback from pro players encouraging him to take his hobby further. Without the streams, he might never have had the same success. On top of this streaming can help build confidence to communicate an essential skill in team games. Quick and clear instructions can be the difference between winning and losing.

Feedback is a massive part of this if you’re going to play professionally. You’ll need to engage with your fans. Ideally, whether you win or lose and whether it’s participating in forums or playing with friends. You can practice in a vacuum. Hearing feedback from others and implementing it is a crucial skill.

5. Keep calm and don’t quit playing

Now let’s talk about mentality. The more you lose your temper playing games the more likely it is you’ll make mistakes. In Esports this is called being tilt. Most of us have probably experienced it at some time or another. Things don’t always go your way but you can let it defeat you. Sometimes when you’re playing at your very best things won’t go your way.

One of the crucial skills you need is the ability to reevaluate why you lose. Step away and start again. Tilt is a term that has its origins in professional poker and it’s a very real problem. Luckily there are lots of guides out there on the internet to explain how to combat it.

As well as improving your law game, it’ll probably stop you from losing your temper with other games too. Legendary street fighter player Diego uses meditation to maintain his mood and focus his mind. The main thing to remember is that tilt is a perfectly natural reaction and one you can control. Find a method that keeps you focused and stick to it.

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6. Be realistic

We’re not suggesting that by following a few tips you’ll be able to chuck in that job you hate and play overwatch. We need to be really honest here. Every brilliant life-affirming experience you have on the road to greatness will be matched by ones that make you want to throw.

The life of a professional gamer can be grueling. You won’t have time for mucking about your sleep schedule will get messed up. And sitting in the same position for hours might not look that physically demanding. But it can put enormous stress on the body and the mind.

Whatever you doing, be realistic about the demands on your life and free time that come with wanting to be a pro. Until you good enough to compete in the top leagues, you’ll probably need to keep your day job. Lemonnation, for instance, didn’t pursue a career in competitive gaming before finishing a master’s degree in computer science.

Now I realize I’m making this sound a bit scary but if it wasn’t hard work, everybody would be doing it. So instead of being intimidated by the fact that it’s gonna be tough use that as motivation. Every time you stick it out when someone else quits you’re one step closer to achieving your goal.

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